This online golf clinic from pro coach Lee Crombleholme is a comprehensive nine series training program based on the steps Lee takes his private client through when coaching in person. It IS comprehensive, but it’s NOT long-winded! These no-fluff, step-by step guides are easy-to-follow and can be instantly applied to your game.The course is delivered via video… So whether you’re on your lunch break, on your way to the course or just fancy a quick brush-up on your skills there’s loads of content for you to dig into.Here’s what’s covered in the trainingPutting Holding out drills, distance drills, green reading, feedback drills and morePitching Common mistakes, pre-shot routine, practice drill and moreChipping Common mistakes, fear and anchoring states, bunker play and moreFull Shots Pre-shot routine, practice drills, creating confidence on demand and moreFocus The 1st tee, attributions, switching on and off, body language and moreCourse Management Club selection off the tee, recovery shots, play beyond the hole, 2nd shot on a par 5 and moreTaking It To The Course Nerves, finishing a good round off, flow state and the zone and more