Do you have a web application built with Java? Do you need to process payments from your customers/clients from across the world? Do you need to accept both credit and debit cards on your site? Do you need a straight forward guide to integrating Stripe with your Java EE app?Then this course is for you. This is a no-nonsense straight forward guide to integrating the Stripe API into your Java EE application. You’ll first learn how to accept your customers’ credit/debit cards and securely send them to Stripe’s servers using Stripe Checkout. Then you’ll learn how to integrate the Stripe Java server API into your Java EE backend using the Stripe token returned to your application by Stripe.By the end of this course, you’llLearn how to use the various Java EE constructs like Dependency Injection to integrate StripeBe able to accept customer payment data using Stripe CheckoutBe able to send client payment data to Stripe’s serversBe able to grab the Stripe Token returned to your application by StripeBe able to use the returned Stripe Token to make a charge against customer payment dataSo what are you waiting for? Signup for this course and get started accepting payments in your Java EE application. See you in the course