Welcome to the OpenGL, GLSL and computer graphics course! It is practical and illustrated program, designed to give you a visual intuition and practical skills to program computer graphics using OpenGL, GLSL and C ++It is raw concentrated squeeze of OpenGL and GLSL knowledge (no “water”! no long talks that make you fall asleep)The course is designed to start from fundamentals – and move to advanced topics like shaders, matrices, transformations, GLSL language, raster effects, texturing and shading.In fact, the course is very easy to master. Because it is practical, visually illustrated and has code samples and live coding sessions. It’s created to help you develop the visual intuition about 3D programming models (so I developed some beautiful illustrations and   visualizations – just to show you how things work “under the hood”)It will help you to build the proper mental models, patterns, and coding skills – to grasp the underlying concepts and internal elegancy of OpenGL machinery, as well as 3D math (because they’re tricky)There are live coding sessions and you get the full access to the source codeThe course covers all important topics of modern OpenGL, such as:- geometry, and buffers, VBOs and VAOs- transformations and matrices, matrix hierarchy- shaders and GLSL- procedural art (and GLSL shaders-generated images)- texturingSo feel free to explore it and I hope you’ll enjoy it just as I did during its creation