Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic Architect Associate 2018


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This course is a really comprehensive guide to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic.This Oracle public cloud is most emerging cloud of 2018. it has great service offering such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DBaaS, LBaaS,VPNaaS.When you look at Oracles offerings across PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, and DBaaS, no other vendor apart from AWS and Salesforce comes close to the complete repertoire of services offered by Oracle. AWS is IaaS heavy, and it is often exceedingly hard to integrate IaaS and SaaS on AWS, especially if you use a different vendor for SaaS. The main problem with AWS is the closed nature of their databases, but this is by design as they seek to gobble up the market.Oracles IaaS services, especially Bare Metal, is far more conducive for organizations that seek to develop and test their applications on-premises and migrate the same applications across platforms. Oracles databases are compatible with most of the existing database applications, and it allows you to transfer entire cloud infrastructures from other vendors onto the Oracle Public Cloud without any issues.The major focus of this course is on 1z0 337 exam i.e.Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic 2018 Architect AssociateWhat’s included in this course:Compute Instances – CreatingInstances, SnapshotsCompute Networking – Shared and IP networksCompute Storage – Block and Boot volume, snapshot and restoration, storage classicCompute Orchestration – V1 & V2Compute Images – marketplace, uploading your own imagesCreating Instances with Orchestration, Creating Oracle DB, Creating WordPress Website, Creating a 2 tier web Application.LBaas, VPNaas, and FastConnectDisclaimer: Oracle Logo is registered trademark of Oracle Corp. This course is not certified, affiliated with, nor endorsed by Oracle Corp.