Course in Pre-Launch Mode,Total number of question will be around 145+.Oracle Database 12c Essentials 1Z0-497 Test series1Z0-497 practice testIt cover 100% of Oracle exam 1Z0-497 certification syllabus.You can find questions more on practical side,they will help you to solve your real time problems.Exam Topics:Oracle Database SoftwareDescribe the key characteristics of a relational databaseSummarize locking behavior in an Oracle databaseDescribe the differences between data concurrency and data consistencyDescribe the various steps of a database transactionOracle Database 12c New FeaturesSetup a Global Database Service (GDS)Define declarative policies for Oracle Data RedactionApply best practices for running the ADDM AdvisorBackup and RecoveryExplain general best practices and guidelines for backups on the Oracle databaseImplement recovery procedures for various failure scenariosUse the Data Recovery Advisor for backup and recovery solutionsAdministering Users and SecurityCreate and administer usersGrant privileges to users to perform database operationsCreate and manage rolesOracle Data StructuresArticulate the various schema objects in a relational databasePerform different index scans and relate them to index typesLeverage partitioning in an Oracle databaseUse the data dictionary and the dynamic performance viewsIdentify the various tools for data movement and analysisOracle Multitenant ArchitectureExplain the benefits of multitenant architecture for database consolidationCreate a pluggable database (PDB)Articulate the difference between a Container database and a Pluggable databasePerform administration tasks on a container database (CDB)Manage processes in a CDBManage physical and logical structures in a CDBDescribe the various storage options for a PDBAdministration & ConfigurationDesign a database, identify requirements, create the logical design and physical database designInstall and configure a databaseGrant Enterprise Manager administrative privilegesUse SQL*Plus and SQL Developer to access your databaseMaximum Availability ArchitectureImplement the various Data Guard configurations availableExplain the architectural differences between Data Guard and Active Data GuardImplement the various replication options available to the Oracle databaseCreate an MAA architecture that leverages Active Data Guard and Oracle Golden GateChoose the appropriate high availability architecture based on various planned and unplanned scenariosMonitoringUse Oracle Enterprise Manager to view database storage structuresApply different strategies for interacting with the database using SQL DeveloperDescribe the EM Cloud Control and EM Express architecture as it relates to the databaseManage structures used to undo changes made to the database and maintain data consistencySoftware Installation and MaintenanceInstall the Oracle database softwareLocate patches for the Oracle databaseApply best practices to patching the databaseApply troubleshooting tasks for planned database maintenanceView and modify the parameters used to configure the Oracle instanceOracle Database Instance ArchitectureDefine the main components of an Oracle InstanceDescribe the various stages of a database instanceArticulate the various basic memory structuresDescribe how a block of data is written to the databaseArticulate the mandatory background processesOracle Network ArchitectureDescribe the differences between Shared Server and Dedicated Server architecture as it relates to Oracle Connection ManagerDescribe the Oracle Database listener architectureConfigure and connect to a database serviceConfigure a database listener