Its Time to Go FasterANSIBLE – AUTOMATION FOREVERYONEANSIBLE is OPEN SOURCE, SIMPLE, POWERFUL, and AGENTLESS.The database is one of the important key areas which is missed while implementing DevOps. The professionals lay full importance on code management, continuous integration etc. but fail to automate the databases. Database handling must be properly done and is very important for data-centric applications. The database plays a major role in such applications and it needs to be automated and rapidly expand along with DevOps. Ansible addresses this need by allowing you to provision and configure your resources using automation. Ansible doesn’t require setting up complex agents, customized security, or centralized configuration servers. All you need to do is describe your automation jobs. Ansible is often combined into the DevOps tool category of ‘Configuration Management’ and compared to Puppet, Chef & Salt. The term ‘Configuration Management’ is generally used to describe the management of the state of IT infrastructure, which can include servers, storage and databases etc.