Course in Pre-Launch Mode,Total number of question will be around 120+.Oracle Database SQL 1Z0-072Test series1Z0-072practice testThis course contain 3 Practice test forOracleCertificationexam1Z0-072for Oracle 12c.It cover 100% of Oracle 12cexam1Z0-072certification syllabus.You can find questions more on practical side,they will help you to solve your real time problems.Exam TopicsExploring Oracle Database ArchitectureIntroducing Oracle DatabaseRelational Database ModelsOracle SQL and PL/SQLConnecting to Oracle DatabasesOracle Database ToolsOracle-Supplied User AccountsQuerying the Oracle Data DictionaryManaging Database InstancesWorking with Initialization ParametersStarting Up Oracle DatabasesShutting Down Oracle DatabasesQuerying Dynamic Performance ViewsConfiguring the Oracle Network EnvironmentOracle Net ServicesHow Listeners WorkConfiguring Listeners for Dynamic Service RegistrationConfiguring Local Naming for ConnectionsTesting Oracle Net Connectivity with tnspingAdministering User SecurityCreating UsersGranting PrivilegesCreating and Granting RolesRevoking Privileges and RolesCreating and Assigning ProfilesAuthenticating UsersAssigning Quotas to UsersCreating and Managing TablespacesCreating Tablespaces in SQL*PlusAltering and Dropping Tablespaces in SQL*PlusViewing Tablespace Information in SQL*PlusImplementing Oracle Managed FilesMoving or Renaming Online Data Files in SQL*PlusManaging Storage SpaceTypes of SegmentsAllocating ExtentsUnderstanding Deferred Segment CreationMonitoring Tablespace Space UsageReclaiming Space by Shrinking SegmentsManaging UNDO DataUndo Data: OverviewConfiguring Undo RetentionGuaranteeing Undo RetentionChanging an Undo Tablespace to a Fixed SizeViewing Undo InformationViewing Undo ActivityMoving DataMoving Data: General ArchitectureOracle Data Pump: OverviewOracle Data Pump: BenefitsData Pump Export and Import ClientsData Pump Utility: Interfaces and ModesSQL*Loader OverviewLoading MethodsSQL*Loader Express ModeBackup and Recovery ConceptsDBA ResponsibitiesCategories of FailureUnderstanding Instance RecoveryUnderstanding Types of BackupsComparing Complete and Incomplete RecoveryOracle Data Protection SolutionsFlashback TechnologyMonitoring and Tuning Database PerformancePerformance Management ActivitiesPerformance Planning ConsiderationsDatabase MaintenanceManaging Memory ComponentsTuning SQLSQL Tuning ProcessIntroduction to Oracle Database Cloud ServiceDatabase Cloud Service OfferingsDBCS ArchitectureFeatures and ToolingManaging DBCS Database DeploymentsManaging Network Access to DBCSBacking Up and Restoring DBCS Database DeploymentsBackup and Recovery tools and conceptsCreating an Oracle Database by Using DBCAChoosing and using Appropriate Character SetsUsing DBCA to Create and delete Databases and templates and for other tasksUpgrading to Oracle Database 12cUpgrading by Using the Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA)Manually Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c