Course in Pre-Launch Mode,Total number of question will be around 100+.Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1 Order Management Essentials 1Z0-521 Test series1Z0-521 practice testIt cover 100% of Oracle exam 1Z0-521 certification syllabus.You can find questions more on practical side,they will help you to solve your real time problems.Exam Topics:E-BUSINESS ESSENTIALSNavigating in R12 Oracle ApplicationsLog in to Oracle ApplicationsNavigate from Personal Home Page to ApplicationsChoose a responsibilityCreate Favorites and set PreferencesUse Forms and MenusEnter data using FormsSearch for data using FormsAccess online HelpRun and monitor Reports and ProgramsLog out of Oracle ApplicationsShared Entities and IntegrationExplain shared entities within R12 E-Business SuiteDescribe key integration points and business flows between products in E-Business Suite (EBS)Identify Key Business Flows and products involved in E-Business Suite (EBS)Fundamentals of Multi-OrgDefine Multiple Organization (Multi-Org)Describe the types of organizations supported in the Multi-Org modelExplain the entities of Multi-OrgExplain how Multi-Org secures dataIdentify key implementation considerations for Multi-OrgDefine Multi-Org Access ControlExplain Multi-Org preferencesExplain Enhanced Multiple-Organization ReportingExplain the concepts of subledger accountingORDER MANAGEMENTOverview of Oracle Order ManagementDescribe Oracle Order Management and its main componentsExplain the capabilities of Oracle Order ManagementIdentify the other products that Oracle Order Management integrates withMultiple Organization Access Control SetupExplain the necessity for multiple organization access control (MOAC)Identify the Order Management windows (setup and transaction) that use the Operating Unit field and 12i specific MOAC additional featuresPerform the various setups involved in implementing MOACOracle Receivables Setup for Oracle Order ManagementDefine TCA ConceptsDefine Customer Information and Payment TermsDefine Invoicing, Accounting Rules and Deferred RevenueExplain Customer Acceptance and Billing SetupsDefining Invoicing Sources (Batch Source)Explain Online Transaction Security and Tax-Related Setup StepsDefine Credit CheckingHolds, Order Purge, and Exception Management SetupCreate,Apply and Release Holds – Seeded, GenericExplain Order and Quote PurgeExplain Exception ManagementDefine Pricing SecurityUse Qualifiers with various Types of ModifiersApply Freight and Special Charges ModifierCreate and Use Price BooksShipping Execution SetupDefine Roles and UsersDefine CarriersShipping Execution DocumentsInternational Trade Management AdapterManage Shipping ExceptionsDefine Pick Release RulesDefine Ship Confirm RulesContainers/LPNsIntroduction to Oracle Applications R12Explain the footprint of R12 E-Business SuiteDescribe the benefits of R12 E-Business SuiteDescribe R12 E-Business Suite architectureFundamentals of FlexfieldsDescribe Flexfields and their componentsIdentify the steps to implement a FlexfieldDefine value sets and valuesDefine Key FlexfieldsDefine Descriptive FlexfieldsFundamentals of Workflow and AlertsExplain Workflow conceptsDescribe the benefits of WorkflowOrder Entities and Order FlowsManage QuotesManage Order to Cash Lifecycle with Standard ItemsManage Order to Cash Lifecycle with PTO, and ATO ItemsManage Drop ShipmentsManage Back-to-Back OrdersManage Sales AgreementsManage Order to Cash Lifecycle with Customer AcceptanceOracle Inventory Setup for Oracle Order ManagementExplain the structure of an inventory organizationDefine subinventoriesUse units of measureUse the item master organizationDefine itemsCreate available-to-promise rulesOracle Order Management Setup StepsView and Update Profile OptionsCreate QuickCodes or LookupsManage Document SequencingDefine Transaction TypesExplain Order Header and line Workflows in Transaction TypesSet up Processing ConstraintsDefine Validation TemplatesDefine Defaulting ConditionsDefine Defaulting RulesSet up Versioning and Audit HistorySetup Available to PromiseDefine SchedulingCreate Credit Check RulesBasic Pricing SetupDescribe Pricing Process and Basic Pricing ConceptsMaintain Price ListsOverview of Shipping ExecutionExplain the Oracle Order Management to Oracle Shipping Execution FlowDescribe Shipping EntitiesIdentify User Interfaces in Oracle Shipping ExecutionIdentify Key Reports and ProcessesDescribe integration with Oracle Order Management, Oracle Transportation Execution, and Oracle Warehouse Management