Course in Pre-Launch Mode, a total number of questions will be around 35+.Oracle Planning 2019 Implementation Essentials 1Z0-1080 Test series1Z0-1080 practice testIt covers 100% of the Oracle exam 1Z0-1080 certification syllabus.You can find questions more on the practical side, they will help you to solve your real-time problems.Exam Topics:Planning OverviewDescribe Planning and requirementsSet up and configure securitySet up PlanningManage Metadata and DataIdentify metadata and data load optionsImport and export metadata into PlanningImport and export data into PlanningSet up and run data mapsMigrate artifactsManage Forms, Dashboards, Infolets, and Navigation FlowsDesign forms, dashboards, and infoletsBuild validation rulesCreate and manage navigation flowsReport on Planning DataCreate financial reportsConfigure FinancialsDescribe the configuration process for FinancialsEnable and configure FinancialsPerform post configuration tasksLeverage best practices for FinancialsIntegrate Projects with FinancialsIntegrate Workforce with FinancialsIntegrate Capital with FinancialsConfigure CapitalDescribe the configuration process for CapitalEnable and configure CapitalRun rules to add assetsLeverage best practices for CapitalIntegrate Projects with CapitalIntroduction to Strategic ModelingDescribe Strategic ModelingSet up modelsRun simulationsMaintain PlanningMonitor Planning maintenance and upgradesSchedule jobsManage Planning with EPM AutomateManage DimensionsIdentify required and user-defined dimensionsExplain how the set up of dimension hierarchies impact PlanningSet up valid intersectionsProvision Users and Groups and Setting Artifact PermissionsProvision users and groupsAssign access permissions to artifacts in PlanningManage RulesDesign business rules and rulesetsDescribe Groovy RulesIntroduction to Planning ModulesDescribe Planning modulesIntegrate financial statements and create custom cubesConfigure WorkforceDescribe the configuration process for WorkforceEnable and configure WorkforceSet up assumptions and defaultsRun rules to process Workforce dataLoad and calculate incremental workforce dataLeverage best practices for WorkforceIntegrate Projects with WorkforceConfigure ProjectsDescribe the configuration process for ProjectsEnable and configure ProjectsLeverage best practices for ProjectsIntegrate Workforce/Capital with ProjectsIntroduction to Data IntegrationDescribe the tasks in the Data Integration wizardCreate data integrationsRun data integrations