Course in Pre-Launch Mode,Total number of question will be around 80+.Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c Essentials 1Z0-432 Test series1Z0-432 practice testIt cover 100% of Oracle exam 1Z0-432 certification syllabus.You can find questions more on practical side,they will help you to solve your real time problems.Exam Topics:Overview of Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Real Application Clusters (RAC)Describe the Oracle Clusterware architecture for Oracle RACDescribe the Automatic Storage Management (ASM) architectureDescribe RAC Architecture and ProcessingDescribe Server Pools and Policy Managed DatabasesDescribe an Oracle RAC environment and the componentsExplain considerations for deploying Oracle RAC databasesAutomatic Storage ManagementExplain the Oracle ASM Cluster Configuration with Oracle RACDescribe Oracle ASM Disk groups and componentsExplain how ASM protects data integrity using mirroring and failure groupsExplain file storage in Oracle ASM and the types of files that are supportedDescribe online storage reconfigurations and dynamic rebalancing in ASMPerform disk maintenance on disk groupsPerform mount and dismount operationsExplain allocation units and their importance in ASMDefine best practices and prepare storage resources for Oracle ASMConfigure MultipathingUse ASMLIB to configure storageUse ASMCA, ASMCMD, SRVCTL to manage Oracle ASMManaging and Monitoring Oracle RAC EnvironmentsUse SRVCTL or SQL*Plus to manage an Oracle RAC environmentMonitor and perform administration tasks on an Oracle RAC using Enterprise ManagerStop and start Instances using SRVCTL, CRSCTL or SQL*PlusPerform instance recovery in Oracle RACManage the Oracle Local Registry (OLR)Explain RMAN Restore Scenarios for Oracle RACHandle failures in Oracle RACAdd and delete nodes in an Oracle RACManage an Oracle Clusterware environment with available tools and utilitiesAdd, move, or delete instances and servicesCheck Oracle Clusterware and RAC clusters for problemsRAC NetworkingIdentify network requirements for Oracle RACDescribe IP address typesExplain the Single Client Access Name feature (SCAN)Implement cluster interconnect best practicesDescribe services using server poolsDescribe the Grid Naming Service (GNS)Convert cluster networks using DNS to GNSPerform workload management with Dynamic Database ServicesInstalling a RAC EnvironmentInstall Oracle Grid InfrastructureUpgrade Oracle Grid InfrastructureConfigure Storage for Grid Infrastructure and RACConfigure the Operating System for Grid Infrastructure and RACConfigure Networks for Grid Infrastructure and RACInstall Grid Infrastructure for a clusterComplete the Grid Infrastructure post-installation proceduresUpgrade to Grid Infrastructure 12cR1Clone Oracle RACCloud FSDefine the Oracle ASM Storage LayersDefine ACFS Best PracticesManage Oracle ACFS with Command-Line ToolsCreate an Oracle ACFS File SystemManage Oracle ACFS and Oracle ADVM with ASMCAUse the Oracle ASM Dynamic Volume ManagerManage Oracle ACFS SnapshotsDefine how Oracle ACFS integrates with Oracle ASMOracle Clusterware OverviewDescribe Oracle Cluster ConfigurationUse the Oracle Cluster Registry to store and manage information in Oracle ClusterwareDescribe the Cluster Ready Services Technology StackDescribe the High Availability Services Technology StackExplain Oracle Clusterware version compatibilityExplain how Server Pools workUse Server Pool Attributes to create a server poolDescribe the difference between a standard cluster and an Oracle Flex ClusterChange a standard Cluster to an Oracle Flex ClusterAdd nodes to a clusterImplement best practices around OCR location configurationRAC 12c New FeaturesImplement the available Oracle Flex ASM ConfigurationsMigrate OCR and voting files from raw to Oracle ASMConfigure Oracle ACFS and Oracle ADVM in Oracle Flex ASMUse the What If Command EvaluationSet up Oracle Flex ASMPerform administrative tasks on Oracle Flex ASMChange the mode of a standard Oracle Clusterware to an Oracle Flex ClusterDescribe Flex ASM architectureUse SRVCTL to manage Flex ASMDescribe the effects of failure in Flex Clusters