Time changes. Technology changes. Innovative idea changes. But the Fundamentals never change. Acid + Base -> Salt + Water. This is in A.D, B.C, and in any point of time in Future. Like wise, for the formation of any Hydrocarbon is always from its Fundamentals. When someone build the Fundamentals with Care, their Building will always be Mighty.This course deals with Basic Terminologies of Atom, How Bonding is formed, category of Bonds, Different families of Hydrocarbon and how are they named with and without Functional Groups. This course is framed with Basic idea about Elements such as Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, etc. One could easily understand and clear any exam on Nomenclature (Naming) of Hydro Carbon. This course does not involve complex hydrocarbon.Most lectures are 3 to 5 min that clearly explains the Nomenclature of Hydrocarbon. Due to these short videos, One can easily complete individual sessions in their Leisure time such as Travel, Walking, etc. Get Trained on Fundamentals today. Get going on Longer distance Tomorrow. Keep going. All the VERY BEST. Thank you.