Pain Relief through Meditation



This course relates to relievingMindBody painusing Meditation. MindBody pain is realphysicalpain that results from repressing strongemotions,especially emotions offear and anger. Thesource of the painis emotional and can be triggered at any time, causingsevere pain in many parts of your body.Mindfulness Meditation is a great way to investigate how your inner turmoil is playing out physically, and causing pain. It is a great practice to do every morning, but you can take regular short Mindfulness Meditation breaks during the day as well, whether you are at home or at work. Stressful situations come and go in everyones life, but you can deal with them through Mindfulness Meditation by recognizing these emotions for what they are, and not allowing them to be held inside, and not allowing them to cause physical or psychological symptoms in your life.Mindfulness Meditation helps to create space between the stressors and your responses to them, and to ask yourself each time Is this useful? when theres something stressful going on in your head.Mindfulness Meditation has been compared to a software upgrade for the brain, and has been proven by Neuroscientists studying long-term meditators under MRI scanners, that it improves your life by making permanent changes to your brain structure. Mindfulness Meditation will make you aware of what is happening right NOWand neutralizes the negativevoices in your head.Research has continually shown that Mindfulness Meditationlowers stress and anxiety, improves your coping skills, and improves your general sense of well-being. With the additional Mindfulness tools provided in this course you can use Meditationto get rid of recurring chronic pains.Always visit your doctor to rule out apurely physical causefor your pain.