Paint this watercolor painting in 8 easy steps. Just COPY ME



Pick a picture and paint me.Another fabulous watercolour painting workshop from Nicola for the aspiring artist to enjoy painting and to learn about this exciting painting medium as you go.A workshopwhich I believe is suitable for all levels because I explain every step in my friendly teaching style. My slow and clear narration will help you understand each process, filmed in such a way, you will feel as if you are standing next to me.All the information about what you will need and what you will learn is listed and every lecture covers a stage in the painting, stopping naturally, as you would to let your paint dry. Watch each film, stopping as often as you like and working quietly at your own pace when it suits you. And remember the films are your’s to look at time and again for guidance and inspiration.Follow my instructions to the letter or take the bits that you want and make changes as you please. This painting workshop is to help you see what is possible to do with watercolour paints and to help give you the confidence to feel more comfortable when you plan and paint your own chosen subjects.If there is anything which is not clear, all you have to do is send me a message or post your question in the discussion section. And do share you painting with us all in the course, it’s great to see what is being painted, it encourages other students, boosts everyone’s confidence and makes me feel the work has been worthwhile.I am here to help you build your confidence and knowledge so you can get as much as you can from this rewarding pass time.Why choose one of my courses?Because, as a self taught artist I understand how a lot of people feel about their creative work, sometimes anxious, sometimes overwhelmed and often that it’s not ‘good enough’. I will hold your hand as you overcome these fears as I offer a friendly, relaxed and sensitive teaching style.I also have years of experience of teaching people of all levels both in person and via the internet.Do one of my courses and you will feel as if I am in the room with you every step of the way.Enjoy your painting, love Nicola