Painting Easy Watercolor Sweets & Treats! Beginner Level



Lets paint some super cute and easy watercolor sweets and treats. Any skill level can do this class, from beginner to intermediate, and even advanced! Along the way you will:Increase your watercolor skills.Learn new techniques.Learn how to only use one brush and no pencil!Practice painting loosely, intuitively, & expressively!Have fun!!!We will paint:A Juicy WatermelonA Doughnut With IcingA Chocolate Chip CookieDifferent Kinds of Ice Cream& even MORE treats! 🙂 (From a chocolate covered strawberry to a pastry!)By painting all these different subjects loosely, you will get the skill to do so with your favorite sweet foods, or any foods, or anything at all! I even included a timed bonus challenge at the end of the class to help you paint more loosely.This class will be a blast, so grab your brush and paints and get ready to please your sweet tooth without any consequences. Ill see you in class! 🙂