Join the most popular Private Pilot test prep course on Udemy today. Bestseller, highest-rated, taught by the Number 1 aviation instructor on Udemy. Still not convinced? Go read the reviews. This course series is designed to give you the necessary ground knowledge to pass the FAA Private Pilot Airplane (PAR) Knowledge Test. I specifically designed this material to be comprehensive and not just an overview. I will go IN DETAIL about each of the knowledge areas and provide explanations to not only pass the test, but also become a proficient pilot. Anybody can pass the test by memorizing the question bank, but that’s NOT what this course is about. The fifth part of this five-part series goes over Airspace, Charts, Navigation, Flight Computer & Cross-Country Planning. I included links to the free FAA publications as well as over 100 practice questions. This course follows the guidance of the Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) under Part 61. You should definitely start flight training while taking this course. Over 150 hours went into preparing the slides, and recording/editing this course, I hope you will find it valuable and helpful towards your training. The other courses are: Part 1: Introduction to Flight Training, Aircraft Structure, Aircraft Systems, Flight Instruments.Part 2: Basic Aerodynamics, Aerodynamic Forces, Weight & Balance, Performance and Limitations. Part 3: Regulation, Inspections & Documents, Aeromedical Factors, Aeronautical Decision Making. Part 4: Weather Theory, Weather Services, Airport Operations, Radio Communications. Optional Part 6, available by private message ONLY: Receive a paper written endorsement from the instructor to take the FAA test (requires enrollment in all 5 parts + proof that you are proficient with the knowledge).