Partial Reconfiguration with FPGA



This course covers the basics of “Partial Reconfiguration (PR)” flow with Xilinx VIVADO tool and FPGA. We have followed the standard syllabus on this training, so the enthusiast who want to learn will get in depth knowledge and skills on the “Partial Reconfiguration”. PR flow is necessary when there is larger design and need to fit on the specific series of FPGA. PR flow is followed on the Xilinx as well as Intel-Altera based design tools and FPGA.This are the major points which covered on this course:Partial Reconfiguration flow with Xilinx VIVADO and FPGA [7 series, Ultrascale and Ultrascale+ FPGAs]Using Debugging method [using ILA and VIO] on Partial Reconfiguration flowDesigning PR flow with Partial Reconfigurable Controller PR flow with MicroBlazePCIe based PR flowBitStream Relocation-overview