This is a test preparationcourse thatwill help you pass the road test to get your drivers license. It is organized into ninevideo lessons, with in-car driving videos that show you what to do as well as lecture videos that explain the concepts. This course is NOTanother slideshow course with a voice-over, these are REALvideos.Who is this course for?This course is for anyone who needs to take the road test in order to get their drivers license. It is based on Washington state, but the concepts are applicable nationwide.This course is for:TeenagersParents of TeenagersAdults getting their first licensePeople who recently moved herePeople who had a license and lost it, and need to take the test to get it backWhats in this course?This is a test prep course. This course will help you pass the road test to get your drivers license. I want you to walk into your road test with the knowledge of what youll need to do in order to pass, so that you can be calm and pass your test.You will learn:Exactly what you need to do on the testThe words you will hear when they give you instructionsWhat to do and what NOT to do on each maneuverThe good driving habits that increase your chances of passingHow to avoid little mistakes that can add up to a failing scoreThe big mistakes that will make you FAIL, instantlyWarning: This course is will not teach you how to drive. This course will tell you what you need to do in order to pass the test, but you need to practice in order to develop your skills. You must learn and practice these maneuvers before you take the test. If you dont know how to drive, you should take some driving lessons.Course outlineThis course is divided up into nine lessons. Each lesson has a four to twelve minute video, as well as a cheat sheet to help you practice. Some of the lessons will cover the major maneuvers that you have to perform on the test, such as parallel parking and backing around a corner. Other lessons will cover the good driving habits that increase your chances of passing.The maneuvers we will cover includeStarting and mergingTurnsParking on a hillBacking around a cornerParallel parkingThe good driving habits includeUsing good visionKnowing how to control the carSigns, signals, and lanesWell also talk about how the scoring works, and how you can make that work to your advantageTwo Important Hints1. You can totally bomb on a couple of maneuvers and still pass the test. So if youre really bad at something like parallel parking, dont worry about it! Its just one small part of the test. As long as you do well on the rest of the test, youll do fine.2. Using good vision is crucial to passing your test. Good vision means that you look where youre going. It means that you look over your shoulder to check your blind spot, and that you turn around and look out the rear window whenever you drive backwards.Vision is scored in many different places on the test. Which means that if youre not using good vision, if you arent looking where youre going, you can lose points over and over again. All of that can add up to a failing score.