Pattern Cutting & Making for Absolute Beginners – Fashion



What the fashion world has been waiting for. A structured course designed to teach you the fundamentals of Pattern Cutting & Making. I am super excited to deliver this to you. This course is designed for:- Fashion students.- Industry professionals. – Hobbyists. – Fashion enthusiasts. We will cover:- Pattern cutting basics. – Equipment required. – Introducing you to blocks and slopers (the tools of the trade). – Basic garment construction. – Neck lines & Seems. – Basic Shift Dress. – Basic Pencil Dress. All of the lectures are delivered by video. The content is a fabulous introduction to the wonderful world of Pattern Cutting & Making. Which is the key skill in garment making. At the end of the course you will be ready to move forward in your pattern cutting journey.If you want to enhance your career in one of the most competitive careers on the planet, then this is the course for you. See you on the inside.