Success is a dream for every small business owner and first-time entrepreneur. Yet it is a dream rarely realized. The question iswhy?Its certainly not for a lack of sweat, enthusiasm, passion, brains, and courage.Fewer than 80% of small businesses survive their first year, and at five years, the survival rate drops below 50%. If you are part of this tribe, then this course is for you. Most of us doanything and everythingimaginable to boost our businesses towards success. Even though motivation is high and our efforts monumental, there are more and more demands to be met each day. Its no wonder our tribe struggles so hard.”Xculture:How Superheroes Are Born” is an awarded leadership training program designed to boost the resilience and success of necessity driven entrepreneurs, first time and young entrepreneurs, DIY and small business owners in a globalized world. The video course is structured in 4 main sections: Introduction, Leadership, Strategy and Culture. This award-winning program rose above 134 proposals coming from all over the world in a crowdsourcing competition launched by an U.S.A. business consortium on the open innovation and crowdsourcing platform HeroX in a competition called ‘Patterns for Success’.To get more out of this course, you can also by the book on all Amazon websites.ContextThe majority of entrepreneurship in the world is not mission-driven, but necessity driven. Most of us are entrepreneurs not because we have a big idea or because we are necessarily passionate about what we are doing, but because we try to survive and there are no institutional ways for us to do that. An estimated 1 billion individuals in both developed and developing nations can be defined as necessity entrepreneurs. This is our tribe.On the background of globalization and automation, but also taking into account also the upcoming 1 billion new people, more and more of us will join this community, and we will have to master the grassroots and the systems to rise above the crowd, we have to develop a very resilient and creative culture, a very sharp action capabilities.OutcomesXCulture is an action oriented training program. It shows you how to wire your mind and set yourself for precise action to reach precise goals. The course helps you create unique patterns for success, to refine and reach your goals with whatever you have at hand, wherever you are.At the end of this course you will know precisely how to plan, implement and grow your business idea on short, medium, and long term, and how to reach from point A to point B in your own terms, against all odds and adversities. It teaches you to act like a surgeon and visioneer, free from fears and hesitations.Unleash your superhero by joining XCulture leadership training course!