Paul and His Letter to the Colossians


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Colossians presents a picture of Christ who is “the firstborn over all creation” and has disarmed and triumphed over the powers and authorities. The letter also appeals to its readers to seek humble maturity, a maturity not possible apart from the person and work of Jesus Christ. Prof. Wright goes through this small but powerful letter to highlight the supremacy of Christ and then further describe how to live in the light of this glorious truth. The course features exegetical observations by Prof. Wright that will illuminate the truths sometimes hidden by translation from Greek into English. Although Prof. Wright refers to the Kingdom New Testament translation of this epistle, the explanations are based on Prof. Wright’s knowledge of Greek and Hebrew. In addition, the student will enjoy being introduced to some of the cultural distinctions made within the 1st Century Greco-Roman world. This allows us to make application of the principles contained in this epistle to the 21st Century context in which we live.