Perfect Life Design – Purpose, Mission, Goals, Action



BENEFIT #1: BUILD YOUR OWN DREAMS – GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF LIFEBENEFIT #2: MAKE A DIFFERENCE – WHAT YOU DO MATTERSBENEFIT #3: WAKE UP FEELING MOTIVATED – READY TO START THE DAY!BENEFIT #4: MAKE MONEY DOING WHAT YOU LOVEBENEFIT #5: YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO – HOW TO GET STARTEDFEATURES:6 Ways to Find your Purpose50+ Videos – One with every lessonStep by step instructionsReal-Life examplesFull MP3 Audio Version from all lessonsMultiple Worksheets with Fill-able Forms and Questions10+ Help sections if you get stuckUnlimited access to all course materialsHOW PERFECT LIFE WILL HELP YOU IF…1. You have no idea about your purpose or what it means?!This course will guide you through the whole process.You’ll learn your Purpose, how to get there and what to do RIGHT NOW.2. You have a job but you want to do moreLearn how to make an impact at work and become a valuable asset.How to let the company take you to your Purpose.Sync Mission Statements with your Company.3. You’re studying but not sure if it’s right for youFind out if it’s the right field for youGet motivated to do great things in your specific fieldHow you can get to your purpose with the skills that you’re learning at school4. You’re starting a company / Want be an EntrepreneurWrite your Company’s Mission StatementHow to make a product that people wantUse your skills and privileges to find a profitableNiche