Build a stronger personal brand to stand out and strengthen your professional reputation.Define What Makes You Unique in this Personal Branding Course Built on Proven Branding Principles.Understand key principles of brandingUncover how personal branding can benefit your careerClarify your unique professional valueBuild your reputation usingsocial mediaCreate more focused job search materialsHaving a clear personal brand can reinforce the value you can offer to open up more professional opportunities.In this course, you’ll learn how to use branding principles to create a clearer summary of your unique personal brandand make it more credible and believable using social mediaand job search materials.Having a strong personal brand can help you become a more sought-after professional, allowing you to stand out to hiring managers, land your next promotion, or reach more clients.Content & OverviewI designed this course for the aspiring professional who wants to clearly communicate your unique strengths and skills in an authentic, believable way without sounding too self-promotional.Leveraging proven branding and marketing principles, youll learn simple techniques you can start using today to build and reinforce your unique professional value. This course walks you through how to:Strengthen your professional reputation using proven branding techniquesCreate a personal brand that supports your career ambitionsDefine your personal brand using a simple 4-part frameworkCommunicate your personal brand in your job search materialsLeverage social media platforms toreinforce your skills and strengthsThis 90-min coursencludesreal-world case studies, interactive exercises, helpful resources, and simple techniquesyou can begin applying right away to your career. With so many personal branding courses out there, this course hones is uniquely built on the backbone of marketing principles used by reputable brands and products.This course is taught byJoseph Liuwhosemission is to helpaspiring professionals relaunch their careers to do more meaningful work. As a personal branding consultant and former blue-chip brand marketer with 10 years’ global industry experience relaunching five US&UKbrands,Josephs been featured as a speaker forTEDx, MarketingWeek Live,and leading business schools, and in Forbes, Fast Company, Glassdoor, Huffpost, Monster, SUCCESS, and Career Builder.Josephnow coaches senior executives and mid-career professionals on how to elevate their personal brands.By the end of this course, youll be able tounderstand how strong brands behave, create a clearer summary of your personal brand, and make your personal brand more credibleso you can establish yourself as areputable professional others can trust.Using simple but powerful branding principles from the product marketing industry, he’ll help you understand what it takes to build a strong personal brandthathelps you stand out in your professional circles and support your career ambitions. What other students have said about this course:”I thoroughly enjoyed Joseph’s personal branding workshop. He does an excellent job of illustrating clear and actionable tactics for how to present your unique brand in the most impactful way. I gained some great insights on personal branding best practices that I can immediately implement to enhance my professional profile!” -Adrianne F., Marketing Manager at Bloomberg Media, New York City”Joseph covered personal brand development in a very clear, engaging way, and I was able to immediately apply the lessons I learned to strengthen my own personal brand.”-Fazian Z., Periodontist, Manchester, UKJoseph has a well earned reputation as a dynamic speaker who conducts presentations which are always visually engaging and current. He was consistently rated by our internationally diverse business audience as one of the most useful speakers who offered concrete takeaways.-Sarmini G, Career Management Expert, London, UK