To becomeMaster of your own personal finances, I think you need two things :1) Fundamental understanding of how money WORKS, gets LOANED/lent, SPENT and more importantlyCOMPOUNDS!2) A tool which helps you to crunch numberseffectively to put your ideas into reality. (No point in just having a theoretical knowledge)This course is for people who want to take control of their own finances in their own style! This is a trulyTWO-IN-ONE course where you learn MS Excel andbasicfinancial concepts together. The modules and the hands -onassignmentsare designed so that you will confidently come up with your own solutions to your personal financial scenarios.Caution: I strongly recommend you to work parallely in your MS Excel worksheet during the course. This is apractical course- you’ll crunch numbers and you will make your own financial plans from the scratch. I will personally assist you to get your dWhat IScovered in this course?MS Excel fundamentals -Quickly learn the essentialMS Excel skills likeConditional formatting, smart copy pasting, data filtersWork smartly with the tips and tricks likeQuick navigation, relative and absolute references, shortcuts to save timeImpress your boss and colleagues with beautifulspreadsheetsand follow best practicesBasic financials you must knowHow bank loans work and how to smartly find out your repayment strategyPower of compounding – the “Mantra” to generate wealthAnalyse your bank statement using data filters, get valuable insights on your spending habitsPersonal financial planningLink the basic ideas you have learnt to plan a grand plan suited to your personal scenarioWhat is NOTcovered in this course?101 genericways of money making/saving which you can anywayfind it on internet easily:Let’s keep it crisp, conciseand clear. I feel I shouldnot waste your time by lecturing youon 100 different money making techniques. Only a small fraction of those tips can benefit you, remaining”hacks”will most likelynot be feasible for you to follow.Tax savings, Investment tips/advice on Stocks &mutual funds etc.:Without knowing your financial status, liabilities, responsibilities,risk taking limitations, it makeslittle sense for me to give direct advice. However, the course provides you with something more powerful – ability to gauge your financial status, ability to use a powerful tool -MS Excel to make your own calculations, ability to think in a financially smart way.Your two hours on this crash course may have a life-long impact! By the end of the course, If you are not able toyou will be able to come up with your own goals, financial plans, your money will be refunded 100%. The Course includes:MS Excel tutorials, tips andtechniquesCarefully designed quizzes to compliment your learningDemonstration sessions on handlingfinancial situationsPractice MSExcel spreadsheets and support filesTemplates- xlsx financial calculators (which will be built during the course)Reference and support materials to understand basic conceptsThis course doesn’t feed you fish; it teaches you how to fish!