Note:This course is not medical advice. Ask your doctor before making any changes you hear about in this course.I’m no expert in health related topics. But I’ve developed some system and tips and tricks over the years that have worked for me.I’ve been asked by students over the years what my health systems look like. This course aims to bring together all the strategies and systems Iuse, with a focus specifically on diet an exercise, with a few things on medical as well.You’ll start off learning my 14 principles in the first section.Then we’ll go over my health tips, and then after that, exercise tips.After thatwe’ll go over some of my thoughts on handling your medical care.And there is a final section that contains other ideas that don’t fit neatly in any of the above categories, such as learning ergonomics.Everything in this course is geared around the most common health issues that accelerated learners tend to have, and the goal of maintaining consistent high learning performance in the short and long term.That means…what should you do so that your brain is always ready and willing to learn, and retain, and go for an extended period of time without getting easily fatigued?This course contains those answers.See you on the inside,Timothy