Do you have to be dishonest, manipulative or sleezy to be persuasive? No. Not all persuasion skills and techniques require you to degrade yourself.You can learn to create agreement momentum and communicate your ideas in a way that is easy for others to agree with, while sounding natural, eloquent, and charming.Youll discover how to build strategic yes engines that create an almost irresistible urge in others to agree with what you are saying, suggesting or presenting.Youll also learn how to frame your messages, so that, they are very difficult to disagree with, using an easy to apply system, grounded in well-researched, psychology of persuasion principles and skills.Win others to your way of thinking quickly and consistently…even if youre shy or introverted… Become hard to disagree with. Stop getting walked all over by others more persuasive than you.What will I be able to DO after I enroll?BUILD Strategic Yes Engines That Create an Almost Irresistible Force of Agreement in OthersINCREASE Your Sales Prowess and Closing Rate Without Being Salesy or AggressiveCONTROL Conversations Using the 5 Frames That Are Easy to Agree withEXPAND Your Understanding of Persuasion Psychology with Simple to Understand Language + TemplatesCREATE Unstoppable Momentum Towards Your Outcomes in Any SituationAVOID Difficult Disagreements with a Proven Yes Getting SystemCOMMAND Respect by Communicating Persuasively While Being Completely AuthenticLEAD Others Through the Use of Strategic Yes PyramidsMake compelling, agreement getting points and suggestions. Make more sales. Get your way more of the time.I created this course because I wanted to teach people the essence of effective communication and a very powerful, usable system and way of communicating that you can immediately use and benefit from.The problem with many of the persuasion and influence programs on the market is that they are often difficult to learn and apply. ..not to mention, they are typically presented in a very boring, dry, academic way.They often require many hours of study to understand and are usually hard to tailor to your specific situation.Whats great about this course is that you can literally start practicing whats in it tonight and start getting results immediately.Essentially, youll gain 2 Key Skills:The first, is the ability to increase the odds that others agree with you. In almost any situation.Its an easy-to-use system for greasing the wheels so to speak so that your ideas and suggestions are more easily accepted by others.In fact, what it will do is help you to communicate in such a way that others feel eager to agree with you. They will literally feel compelled to keep agreeing with you based on your new, more effective communication skills and the type of momentum your conversation creates…The second, is the ability to frame your ideas so that they are easy to agree with.Theres a reason people like Gerry Spence have never lost a criminal court case in over 35 years. As a defense attorney or as a prosecutor.Yeah, he probably carefully picks his cases, but, he also utilizes certain incredibly effective persuasive techniques and communication skills that are very difficult to disagree with.Thats what you will learn in this course.Think of it like this – When you enroll in this course and use what you learn, you can expect this:In sales, youll go from getting stalls, delays and objections late in the game. Prospects disappearing and ghosting you. Never to return. Wont answer your follow up phone calls. Frustrated. Annoyed. Wasted time…to closing more deals on the first call/appointment. Save time. Be in control of the sales process. Create a momentum and almost irresistible momentum for agreeing with you and buying today.In business meetings, you go from struggling to get your point across. People not really feeling what youre saying. Making good points but you fail to influence or change people…to others being fully engaged in your message or presentation of ideas. They are nodding their heads, paying full attention and agreeing with your minor and overall points. They start viewing you as a leader as a result of your increased persuasion abilities.In your personal life, you have to present an idea to someone. Could be to get a lower price. Could be a difficult talk with your kids, your spouse or significant other. Could be a friend. Youre worried about how to get them to see your point of view. Instead of making a mistake and damaging the relationship or worse, finding yourself being won over by their way of thinking…instead, youll use the tools you learn in this course. You create a compelling argument. They see your point of view. They respect you more because of how eloquently you presented your ideas and how influentially. You feel proud and respect yourself more.What will I learn specifically? The Real Secret to Getting to Yes Using The Psychology of PersuasionWhat The World’s Most Persuasive People Know About InfluenceThe 3 Step Process for Building “Yes Engines”4 Key Principles That Ensure Your Yes Engines Run SmoothlyThe Subtle Art of Gaining Strategic AgreementHow to Deal with Polarity Responders with Ease The 5 Frames for Controlling the Argument and Gaining Agreement QuicklyOver 30 Patterns for Creating Irresistible Agreement Getting Questions210+ Examples Using Agreement Getting Frames and QuestionsBecome a far more persuasive person, control conversations and get others to agree with you much more oftenSo go ahead and give the course a test drive. Click the buy now button on the right hand side and put these tools to the test for the next 30 days. If you arent able to massively increase your results…ask for a refund and youll get it.All the fluff and fat has been trimmed with this course. Ive done the research. I know whats missing from other persuasion programs and Ive painstakingly filled those gaps.This is a course you will use now and get benefit from for years to come. These are evergreen skills where every minute you invest learning these skills will be pay you back 10 fold.So, why not give it a shot?What have you got to lose? If you do nothing, nothing will change.Once you enroll youre given step by step instructions and easy to follow exercises.Best of all, you’ll have my help should you have questions or need help applying the techniques in a specific situation.