Having the emotional intelligence to influence other people is an essential life skill. The level of your communication is in direct relation to your level of success, wealth and even happiness. All of the greatest achievements of man started out as an idea in the mind of one man or woman. However, without leveraging the collective power of other people, most of them would never have seen the light of day. Craig Beck has devoted the last two decades to studying the communication secrets of genuinely successful men and women. He has combined that extensive research with his experience as a former hypnotist and as a master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.). The result is Bulletproof Persuasion, a degree course in advanced techniques to influence and persuade people in all walks of life. It doesnt matter whether you work in the sales industry or not. We are all salesmen whether we like it or not. Whether you are pitching to a client or trying to get your kids to bed on time – we never stop selling. This book will give you the ten most powerful compliance techniques ever discovered, to smash through your targets and rapidly manifest your goals, desires and dreams. All by harnessing the intelligence, skills and power of other people. Master: The Law of Reciprocity The Law of Scarcity The Law of Social Proof The Decoy Effect The Law of Unstoppable Power Pacing, Mirroring and NLP The Law of Curiosity The Law of Personal Bias & more.