Petroleum products : Specifications Properties Market Demand



Dear student,Welcome to this online course on Petroleum products.This course is designed to provide you with a deep knowledge of petroleum products’ properties, specifications, markets and demands.The petroleum products covered are the following :LPGAutomotive GasolineKerosene / Jet fuelGas oilHeating oilHeavy fuel oilNaphthaAsphaltsLubricating oilThe course also provides technical knowledge related to the standard quality control tests performed in refineries and petrochemical plants to ensure that the finished products are in line with commercial specifications.The course uses up-to-date global statistics and is organized into 4 parts.For each petroleum product :Part 1. Outlines its main characteristics and propertiesPart 2. Reviews its main specifications and how these specifications evolved over time and for different countriesPart 3. Describes the standard quality control tests performed in refineries and petrochemical plants, highlights the tests significance and the accuracy of the methodsPart 4. Analyses the place of this particular petroleum product, the associated market trends and forecasts future prospects for production and demandBy the end of this training course, you will be able to :Grasp the main characteristics of petroleum products and their relevance for end-usersList the key properties for automotive fuels (now and in the future)Identify recent changes and future trends for the petroleum products specifications, markets and demandIdentify the main trends of fuel evolution due to: new regulations and/or new motor technologiesUnderstand how the main properties of each petroleum products are measured, checked and controlled using standard quality control testsUnderstand the tests significance and accuracy of the methods=> IMPORTANT NOTES :The course includes 24 downloadable resources in pdf format with unlimited access.To download the files :1. Go to the “Downloadable resources” section2. Expand the section to have access to all the pdf files3. Click on any file to open it. You can save it to view it later offlineThe resources attached to the “Downloadable resources” section cover 3 topics :=> TOPIC 1. MAIN QUALITY STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS :——————————————————————1. Volatility specifications for :Automotive gasolineJet fuelDiesel fuelHeating fuelHeavy fuel oilParaffinic base oilsAsphalts2. Combustion specifications for :Automotive gasolineJet fuel – Jet A1Diesel fuelHeating fuelHeavy fuel oil3. Cold condition behavior and flowing specifications for :Jet fuel – Jet A1Diesel fuelHeating fuelHeavy fuel oil4. Pollution and corrosiveness specifications :Sulfur contentCorrosivenessMiscellaneous pollutants5. Stability specifications :Automotive gasolineJet fuelDiesel fuelHeating fuelHeavy fuel oil6. Asphalts specifications7. Lube base oil specifications=> TOPIC 2. STANDARD QUALITY CONTROL TESTS OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS——————————————————————1. TESTS RELATED TO VOLATILITY :ASTM distillation testReid vapor pressureFlash point2. TESTS RELATED TO COMBUSTION :Octane number of gasolineCetane number of diesel fuelSmoke point for aviation turbine fuelsStandard test related to fuel combustion3. TESTS RELATED TO STORAGE AND FLOWING :Viscosity measurementsLubricating properties of diesel fuelCloud pointPour pointFilterability limitFreezing point4. TESTS RELATED TO AIR POLLUTION AND CORROSIVENESS :Air pollution and corrosion due to sulfurSulfur measurementsCopper strip corrosionDoctor test5. TESTS RELATED TO STABILITY OF MOTOR GASOLINE, TURBINE FUELS AND DISTILLATES :Gum contentInduction periodFuel stabilityOxidation stability of diesel fuelWater and sedimentAsphaltene precipitation with normal heptaneInsoluble content testColor and color stability tests6. TESTS RELATED TO ASPHALTS :Needle penetrationSoftening point=> TOPIC 3. SPECIFICATIONS OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS BY COUNTRY :——————————————————————1. USA2. FRANCE3. CHINA4. INDIA5. BELGIUM6. BOLIVIA7. BRAZIL8. IRAN9. SAUDI ARABIA10. SPAIN11. SOUTH KOREA12. VENEZUELASo with no further ado, check out the free preview videos and the curriculum and we look forward to see you in the first section.Also remember, as enrolled student you will have unlimited access to this material and one-on-one instructor support. So feel free to interact with us by email or simply ask us for help in the Q&A section. It will be our pleasure to help you and provide assistance.Hope to see you thereCheers,WR TrainingSpread the wings of your knowledge