This course to Photoshop covers all the functions to get started with editing and improving photos. The student learns how to customize work spaceand panels, navigate the canvas effectively, work with multiple images and file types, and use various methods of image enhancement, including layering, selecting, and many things. Support files are included for this course, so students can follow along using the support files provided to them with the lectures. If you’re a beginner to Photoshop then this is the course for you!!!The course is structured in a way to maximize learning and provide the best of the guidance to our students. Topics that are covered in this course are how to use basic tools and functions in Photoshop likeCreating and adjusting settings of new documentsNavigating around the canvasChanging screen modes according to the requirementWorking with multiple images and layersComplete Tool BarMenu BarSwatch CreationColor TheoryPrinciplesCropping and resizing imagesCreating basic shapesPhoto restoringBlemish RemovalPhoto Restoration Photoshop CustomizationCareer GuidanceLayer StylingEffects and FiltersAnd Lot More…The course includes follow-along exercises for students,You will also learn by creating images for online advertising and social media in Photoshop.I have more than a decades of experience using Photoshop, including doing web social media advertising and freelance work. I’ve also been managing an animation and graphic designing institute and I’m currently a full-time professor of graphic design and digital media. I’ve taken classes on Graphic Designing, Animation and Vfx during my Graduation.So enroll today and let’s learn about Photoshop and its amazing capabilities of photo editing and digital effects and become a professional graphic designer.