Photoshop Magician – from zero to professional photo editing



Turn your dreams into magic!I believe in learning through actions. Simply trying to memorize each of the Photoshop tools has never worked for me. That’s why I decided to design this course differently. Since the very first lesson we work on images and learn how to use various tools to get the results that we want. This way you also see the real process of editing and thepractical use of your skills. Thus you can discover your own style and finally get the look you’ve always wanted for your pictures.This is a course for photographers who want to learn how to professionally edit their pictures.You don’t need any prior experience. I start from zero and step by step we move to more advanced settings. You’ll learn how using simple skills and tools, you can create magic. I hope you’ll find this course useful. However, if you have any questions or need any help, you can always ask them in the private Facebook group, and I’ll help as soon as I can.As I believe watching is not enough and you learn by doing, I prepared a homework for nearly each of the lessons. You’ll also get the list of shortcut keys used within the course, to facilitate your work.So, are you ready to join this Photoshop adventure?PS. In this course I didn’t include face retouching as it’s a wide subject and I don’t think it’s appropriate for beginners.