This course will provide students a complete support for learning most of the basics fundamental and important concepts of Codeigniter. This course provides an easy and systematic way of understanding all the concepts of codeigniter. After completing this course students will become very much confident in designing and developing their own projects. We will start this course by discussing on basic concepts of codeigniter and then we will move on developing a small project of college management system which will allows the users to create different colleges and co admins. Once admin creates colleges and co admins then admin can start assigning co admins to different colleges. Each co admin will have the responsibility of maintaining the students of their college. Adding new students, getting the list of all the students, viewing the details of each and every student, updating the information of already existing student and deleting unwanted student. Apart from these many functionalities admin and co admin will have their own dashboard to maintain the information of colleges and students. Students will going to learn developing all these functionalities after completing this course.