Hi students, welcome to my course Web Development with PHP & MySQLThis course will be an all in one solution that helps you to learn how to create a web application using PHP and MySQL, all at one place. This course is  a complete mixture of multiple technologies like HTML, CSS,  JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap and AJAX along with PHP and MySQL. I am going to cover the following thing in detail:Introduction to PHPWhat is PHPNeed of PHPVersions of PHPPHP InstallationWAMP Server & XAMPP ServerGetting Started Creating First PHP scriptWhere to store PHP page.Things to remember when saving PHP page.Server configuration of Adobe DreamweaverVariables in PHPOperators in PHPTypesUnaryBinaryTernaryClassificationsArithmeticRelationalLogicalAssignmentBitwiseStringOperands and ExpressionsConditional Statements in PHPIf-Else Switch-CaseLoops in PHPforwhiledo-whileforeachFunctions in PHPBuilt-in FunctionsUser defined functionsForm HandlingGETPOSTEmail SendingState Management CookiesSessionsPHP Sanitization / FiltersValidations in PHPIntroduction to MySQLMySQL database connectivity with PHPCreating databaseCreating tablesCreating columns and other constraintsCreating Views,Stored Procedures and triggersJoins and relationshipsCRUD Operations using PHP and MySQLObject Oriented PHPOther things can be added if possible