Physics Exam Practice: Newtonian Mechanics and Thermal



This Course Contains three practice tests and at the end there is a practice paper for students to practice writing their definitions and Laws/Principles. This course is designed for students preparing for the Pure Physics O-Level and for Secondary 3 students preparing for their end of year exams.Please note that unlike my other courses, there is no topic review in this course. This is designed for students who already have a good understanding of the topics and are ready for exam practice. See my other course offerings for more extensive topic reviews and worksheet practice.The contents of this course includes the following,Practice Test 1: Newtonian Mechanics, covers the topics of Units and Measurement, Kinematics, Forces, Moments, Pressure, Work, Energy and Power.Practice Test 2: Thermal Physics, covers the topics of Kinetic Model of Matter, Transfer of Thermal Energy, Thermal Properties of Matter and Temperature.Practice Test 3 covers all of the above topics from Newtonian Mechanics and Thermal Physics.Practice Paper for Definitions and Laws/Principles, for you to practice all the important definitions from these sections. There are no video explanations but we do provide model answers in pdf format. Excellent to do shortly before the exam.