Physics: Thermal Properties of Matter



This course is on the topic of Thermal Properties of Matter and is for students in Upper Secondary School taking Physics. There are notes and worksheets to print out and the solutions to all the questions are explained in the videos.MasterThermal Properties of Matter through Problem SolvingMany students have said that they understood the concepts, but when it came to answering the questions, they did not know how to apply the concepts to the questions. This course is designed to be interactive, with lots and lots of problem solving, so you will get, Explanation of the important conceptsGuidance through the problem solving strategies for different kinds of questionsHelp with using the right words and phrases in written explanationsStrategies for solvingthe difficult questions from the topicCourse ContentInternal EnergyBoiling and EvaporationHeat CapacityHeat of Fusion and Heat of VaporizationExamplesA standard level difficulty worksheet with solutions explainedA more difficult worksheet with solutions explainedA section for advanced students: Introduction to Thermodynamics including notes and examplesConclusion going over key skills to take away from the course