A New Way to LearnFor over a decade, Pianoforall has taught over 200,000 people worldwide how to play amazing pop, jazz, blues, ballads and improvisation, and now were going to teach you how to play INCREDIBLEClassicalpieces in the same way.These courses are for ADULT BEGINNERS who would love to build a repertoire of great classical pieces but who dont have the time (or the inclination) to learn the traditional hard way.ThisClassics By Ear Serieswill teach you a NEWway to learn classical piano from the inside out.Instead of painstakingly learning complicated sheet music one note at a time by memory, you will learn how to take a piece of classical music apart bar by bar, section by section, and understand how it was all put together: from the musical form distinct sections and subsections to the underlying chord structure, visual clues, patterns and repeats.So not only do you learn how to play the pieces but you UNDERSTAND what you are playing and this makes it SO much easier to memorise and perform.No more performance fearThis really helps if you feel nervous performing in front of others. If we rely solely on muscle memory we can have a fear of forgetting our lines but if we have a deep understanding of a piece from many different angles chords, sections, patterns, repeats and memorable elements then we go beyond muscle memory until it feels as if we have written the piece ourself!And you will learn everything in a refreshingly NATURALway the way we all learn to speak or read as kids: we first LISTENto others, then we imitate them and SPEAK what we hear and ONLYthen do we attempt to READ words or sentences that we can already say. And so it makes so much more sense.Similarly withClassics By Earyou will learn to play the pieces by following the videos, keyboard diagrams or cheat sheets, and then you will find it MUCH easier to follow the sheet music because then it will all make perfect sense!No Cliched Beginners Pieces!The pieces you will be learning arent the usual cliched beginners pieces (like Fur Elise or Minuet in G). We have especially chosen pieces that sound more advanced (watch the Promo video to hear the pieces) yet they are actually deceptively EASY to play which means your audience will think that you have been playing for YEARS!The course is perfect for those people who read a little music but arent very advanced or those who play by ear but want to play some beautiful classical pieces.If you have no prior knowledge you can still follow the lessons if you are prepared to put in lots of practice, but I suggest you also study sections 1 to 5 of my mainPianoforallcourse, which will teach you basic sight-reading and chord theory. Section 2 of this course also teaches BASICSIGHTREADING in just 18 minutes! It will give you enough knowledge to follow the rest of the lessons.Like Pianoforall theseClassics By Ear courses come with exceptional and comprehensive supplementary PDF ebooks that you can print out and set on your piano or keyboard.