Are you STRUGGLING with your life?Do you want to become more productive in Life? Do you want to achieve your lifes greatest goals efficiently and effectively? Stop searching now and welcome to Planning and Time Management to Hack Productivity course. It must have taken you a while to get here but believe me that you have arrived at the right destination. Time management skills and proper planning are essential for a productive workplace, but they dont just happen. Deliberate time management and planning habits which focus on specific strategies for a growth mindset will result in increased productivity and higher performance. This course will provide participants with strategies and skills to develop a healthy balance that allows for both personal and professional growth by staying focused and determined on the present and setting achievable goals for the future. Productivity is a measure of how much you produce or achieve and not how many minutes you spend working on your tasks. To get more done and be more productive, this course provides a system off setting targets and managing your time. So you can achieve easier and faster your desired outcomes. To come up with a strategy for time management, you need to know yourself. You need to understand your personal preferences and has to have a fair amount of self-discipline. Understanding human nature and the factors that most often sabotages intentions can greatly help you to schedule and manage your time your time in a way to get the most out of your efforts.KEY COURSE TOPICS A brief insight of each section of this course: Vision Vision is the starting point of all great performances. This course will provide ideas on how to be clear to effectualize your personal vision. Personal vision is the push behind creating and aligning goals to a bigger image for your future. Creating a compelling personal vision drives the passion that creates an emotional connection to the daily actions that will ensure that you achieve your dreams and complete your life. Defining your personal vision has an impact on all aspects of your life. This course creates time management, productivity and planning ideas which define your personal and business objectives and therefore assist you to live life as you desire. Life Design Time management, productivity, and planning greatly affect an individuals life design. The importance of emotions in life design cannot be understated. Without emotions, plans, dreams, and ideas are like building castles in the sky. Great emotions create the willpower to chase and achieve dreams. Proper planning and time management coupled with good emotions is the fuel the engine of accomplishment of success needs. To enable you to get the drive and the know-how of how to achieve your goals, a more detailed planning should be in place. A proper planning entails visualizing what the best year of your life will look like. This course will outline how to get emotionally engaged and engulfed to get convinced you are on the right path to success. Making The Move This section of the course outlines the steps to wake up from the dreams and make the necessary moves. A success which is the sum of efforts repeated every day is only achievable when an individual stop wishing and start doing. Having a clear vision, plan and knowing what you want and why you want it is only a tip of the iceberg. A lot of people build castles in the sky but most fail to take continuous steps in actualizing their goal. This course educates its participants that commitments make an individual begin a task but only consistency makes an individual finish strong and making the dream come true. Great time management skills, planning and making the move will clear all perceived obstacles and excuses making productivity achievable. Make Better Decisions Making better decisions in life is everyone or most peoples dream in life. At times we wished we had a second chance to make another decision. Most times we ask ourselves questions like how can we make better decisions about our life? How can we be self-critical without hating ourselves? What sort of analysis should we go through before taking a step? To take the right steps in life we need to have the right mindset to succeed. This mindset is necessary regardless of the available resources. It is the mindset that believes impossible is nothing. The right mindset believes that ideas build the world and records are made by mortal men and are meant to be broken. Avoid unhealthy practices when chasing your dreams. By intentionally replacing the words on your mind with positive thoughts, we have the capacity to change our state of mind. Many individuals struggle with a negative mindset, choose to make a difference today. 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