The Podcasters Toolkit: Snapchat 101Confused by Snapchat? Learnto use in underone hour and promote your podcast and online brand with the photo and video social media app, Snapchat. This class is for beginners with some advanced tips and tricks. By the end of this class, you will learneverything you need to know to get started using Snapchat for social media and content marketing promotion.The Class is divided into 4 SectionsSection 1: Getting StartedSection 2: The Creative ToolkitSection 3: SharingSection 4: Bonus TipsDuration of Class:under 1 hourWhy Take Class:To learn one of the most powerful social media tools for promoting your podcast and online business.Who is This Class For:Podcasters and Entrepreneurs who want to learn Snapchat and add it to their content marketing toolkit, but do not want to spend a lot of time learning how to use this confusing (at first) app. This class makes it fast and simple to learn Snapchat. This class is designed for users new to Snapchat. This class isnot for advanced Snapchat users.Included Resources:The class includes a downloadable PDF cheatsheet as a reference guide.Instructor Bio:My name is Mike Murphy. I am a one man band, a podcaster, online educator and I love helping people figure things out.I use Snapchat to share behind the scenes of me and my process and to teach tips and tricks about podcasting, photography, Photoshop and pretty much all the tools and gear I use. I use Snapchat not only to promote my brand and podcast, but Im discovering that Snapchat is almost like my accountability coach. It is making me more productive because I want to share what Im creating and well, you have to create. Its helping me in ways I was not expecting and I hope this class helps you to get up and running on Snapchat in no time.