Power of Forgiveness: Learn How to be Free



Are you a Christian struggling to forgive someone who hurt you? Have you tried to let go of past offenses, but cannot? Have you forgiven yourself for the pain you have caused others? Perhaps you are seeking forgiveness, but the person you wronged refuses to forgive you.If you have experienced life’s challenges,more than likely, you have been faced with the decision to forgive or not toforgive. Your decision affects your total well-being. Forgiveness is always a personal choice, whether you are the one seeking forgiveness or the one needing to forgive.It is natural to feel justified for not forgiving the person who wronged you…hurt you and caused you so much pain. A familiar declaration is, “I’ll forgive but I’ll never forget.” Unfortunately, many Christians think it’s okay, but is it? Forgiveness is never really easy. God understands that it is sometimes difficult for us to forgive those who betrayed us, crushed our spirit and drove nails through our heart. Jesus understands; He is our example. However, if we are serious about our relationship with Jesus Christ, we must obey His commandment and seek to please Him by following His principles of forgiveness while living in this society with all its ills. When we seek to see from God’s perspective on forgiveness and ask Him to help us, He will. The supernatural power of the Holy Spirit imparts into us a forgiving spirit, gives us peace, binds up our wounds, and makes us whole. We will know the truth and experience the liberating power of forgiveness. You will be FREE to MOVE FORWARD.