This course id designed for all those, who would like quickly to get some essential knowledge regarding PowerShell and want to put hands on job.The topics covered within that course will help you to understand the logic or way of thinking in PowerShell, while we dont concentrate on sophisticated topics related to some specific windows settings.In the course you will find only video materials, no PDF-s to read or web pages to go through. But what is great is that for every lesson there is a short QUIZ that allows you to quickly check if you understand the topic. There are alsoEXERCISES for you. You should be able to solve them on your own, but if you have problems no worries, there are SOLUTIONS available as well!Regarding the technical requirements, all you need is just a computer with Windows and PowerShell in at leastversion 3 installed and administrator privileges.If you dont knowPowerShell at all or just only a little, this course is for you. Maybe you have already downloaded a script fromInternet, maybe you have modified it thats great! But if you had problems with understanding why the code is written is such and not another way, this tutorial should help you.We start with basic information on how to start PowerShell console, how to execute commands, how to use help and step by step we come to more advanced topics.PowerShell is a programming language, so you need to know how to work with variables, how to build the if statement, how to execute a loop, format output,work with pipeline…So if you work with windows, you need or want to learn powershell quickly I recommend you this course.Thank you and have fun!