This course covers financial statement analysis using real examples from financial statements. I developed the course from my experiencedoing financial statement analysis for clients in various accounting and financialconsulting roles over the years.The course is geared towards anyone interested in improving their financial statement analysis skills. Seasoned investors on Wall Street, individual investors, students, bankers and others looking for a practical way to analyze financial statements can benefit from this course.The course teaches how to assess earnings, cash flow and balance sheet quality using practical examples. It explains how the types of questions to answer when analyzing financial statements, how to detect red flags, how to use common size size and ratio analysis to uncover hidden risks, and how to read and interpret the 10-K.Learn what to look for when analyzing financial statementitems such as revenue, inventories,incometaxes, pensions, stock-based compensation,stock buybacks, reserves, among others. The course includes a list of red flags you can use in your financial statement analysis.The course is a video format utilizing PowerPoint slides. No material is needed for the course, except writing materials if the student wishes to take notes.This course is designed to be different from other financial statement analysis courses. While there will be some overlap, the areas Ifocus on in this course arebased on information gleaned from actually working with investors and and other clients, andgetting to understand the areas they are most concerned about. Thereal world experience applied to this course is what differentiates it.