Practical GraphQL – Become a GraphQL Ninja


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Have you heard about GraphQL? Have you always wanted to understand the basics of GraphQL?This course is for developers wishing to learn about GraphQL in a practical, hands-on manner.During the course students will be able to acquire the necessary skills to understand and work with GraphQL’s basic as well as advanced features, including but not limited to:Have a basic understanding of basic scalar typesCreate custom scalarsBe familiar with Resolvers, Type Definitions (Schemas)Understand the importance of a data model in relation to GraphQLUnderstand how GraphQL queries work – including parameterised queriesGet a working knowledge of GraphQL mutationsUnderstand how file uploads work using GraphQLLearn how to serve images in a GraphQL contextGo hands-on and learn how authentication and authorisation works in GraphQLCreate 4 sample applications:Implement a basic application to run GraphQLqueriesImplement a more advanced application that uses React to work with GraphQLEnhance the aforementioned application and extend it with authentication and authorisationCreate an application to understand how to serve/display images and upload files using purely GraphQLThis course mostly utilises the Apollo GraphQL services.Please note that during the course several applications are created – mostly using React, however this course does not contain information on React. It does however discuss the React parts that are relevant to the context – therefore only students who are already somewhat familiar with React should purchase this course.