What is “Practical GuitarTheory”?”Practical Guitar Theory” givesa comprehensive foundation tomusictheory on Guitar.This course contains the mostuseful and essentialtheory knowledge forguitar enthusiasts, andwilldemonstrate how toAPPLYtheknowledgein your dailyplaying. Thiscourse is tailored for peoplewho have little to intermediate theory understanding. Perhaps you already have some basics but you find yourself lost, or you really want some structure and goals in your learning process.Whether you have zero theory knowledge,or you feel like there are many gaps in your current understanding, this course has you covered!Why should you listen to me?Ihave 11 years of experience which is reallyhard for me to condense into a single paragraph, but allow me highlightsomekey points…I have over 1 million combinedviews on my social media platforms, of which the majority come from my YouTube channel.Music is my full time job, therefore Idedicate 100% of my energy and knowledgeinto projects like this course because it’s my most passionateinterest.I havepersonallytaken lessons from (and performed with)some of thebest guitar players and teachers INTHEWORLD such as Christophe Godin, Guthrie Govan, Tom Quayle,Andy Timmons, Paul Gilbert, Mika Tyyska,and Nick Johnston.These players, among many others, have shaped my playing and ability into what it is today.I have been an active session musician and performersince my midteens.So how will these keypoints benefit me?I realise that not everyone has the opportunity or money towatch themusicians I have mentioned aboveplay live -let alone take lessons with them!I am also aware that there is no obvious and easy route to guitar mastery. With these points in mind,I have takenmy knowledge and experience,and crafted it into guided, easy to follow video lessons. This course is genuinely something Iwish Idiscovered in my earlier days of playing the guitar.What makes this course any better than freeYouTube lessons?It can take so much effort and timesearching through the webto find the relevant and correctinformation that you need to improve your guitar playing.YouTube is an incredibly useful tool, but it’s very easy to become overwhelmed and lost.This course will make your learning process much more structured and engaging, and it’s exclusively tailored towards guitar theory! With my years of experience and array of positive testimonials and commentsfrom my students, and on my youtubevideos, you can becertainthat Iknow what I’m talking about. Don’t waste time sifting through lessons that may not be teaching you the right or relevant things -“Practical Guitar Theory”is what you’ve been looking for.Ok I’m interested, but what exactlydoes this course entail?A lot! Let me give you an overview of the sections…Section 1 of this course covers the absolute basics of musical understanding andhow to read. This knowledge is recommended as prerequisite knowledge, but just in case you’re an absolute newbie then this section will ease you in.Section 2 of this course focuses on Scale knowledge,which is the foundationof all music theory. In this section you will gain great confidencefinding notes across the neck from scales such as:Minor Pentatonic, Major Pentatonic, and the 7Modes of the Major scale. Not only will you be able to recall the notes from these scalesquickly, but Iwill also teach you how to use the shapes with real-world examples, and I will also give you a greater understanding of how the notes work together using Interval awareness. By the end of this section you will be able to use these scales to aid your improvisationand melodic freedom.Section 3 of this course focuses on Chord knowledge. We can use the previously learned Scale knowledge to help us construct Major, Minor, Diminished, and Augmented Chord shapes across the entire neck. Not only will you learn how to build these chords yourself, but you will also be able to understand their structure and how to play thesechords in manydifferent ways acrossof the neck. Towards the end of this section we will be able to combineall of the knowledge that we have learned so far into one visualisation method, helping you to navigate across the neck without your brain exploding!Section 4 of this course focuses on building Arpeggios. This section is almost like a blend of the previous two sections where we will learn how to build Major, Minor, Diminished, and Augmented arpeggios in different areas of the neck. Not only will Igive you templates to work withbut Iwill also teach you how to expand on this and create your own arpeggios. You can use this knowledge to highlight specific chord tones in your playing, which will compliment the chord you are trying to highlight.Section 5 of this course entails some bonus inspirational content that is relevant to the things that we’ve previously spoken about.Still not sure?If you buy the course and it turns out that youalready knew this stuff, or you believe that it’swaybeyond your understanding at this moment in time, then take advantage of the30 day money back guarantee.I do believe that this course is very thorough and easy to follow, but if you find yourself struggling at all then don’t hesitate to get in touch!Iam VERYresponsive. If you have a question, would like me to expand on a lecture, or have any feedback for improvements, then I really encourage you to let me know. As I already mentioned earlier, music is my full time job and most passionate interest, so Igive my studentsmy full supportand help where possible.