Are you a Java developer? Do you aspire to be a Java EE developer?Do you need a modern, next generation, powerful, open platform to develop the next big thing the world has to see? Do you need to build RESTful web services as fast as possible?Do you want to spend time fleshing out your business ideas instead of fighting your framework? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I have good news for you!Practical RESTful Web Services with Java EE 8 (JAX-RS 2.1) is your complete guide todeveloping modernRESTfulweb services with the industry gold standard Java EE. This course is designed to equip you with the critical knowledge you needto master the Java EEAPI for creating RESTful web services.You will learn both the theory and practice of the JAX-RSAPI and come away with deep understanding of how to craft great web services with Java EE. You will also be trained in using the very detailed Java EEdocumentation available at your disposal to further deepen your knowledge of Java EE.Practical RESTful Web Services with Java EE 8 will teach youHow to secure your web services with Json Web Token (JWT)How to incorporate Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) into your web servicesHow to create asynchronous web servicesHow to map Java classes to various HTML actions like POST, GETHow to validate user input into your web services with Bean Validation APIHow to use filters to customize client requestsPractical RESTful Web Services with Java EE 8 (JAX-RS 2.1) is uniquely designed with you the student in mind, aimed at taking you from 0-1 developing RESTfulWeb Servicesas fast as possible. The goal is to get you to productivity in the shortest possible time while still sharing valuable good software development principles and practices with you.So what are you waiting for? Go on, click the big green button to enroll in this course and be on your way to developing awesome web services in no time with the awesome Java EEplatform. Go ahead, enroll by clicking the green button and I will see you in the course.