Predictable Revenue Pipedrive Mastery Course



This course was developed exclusively in coordination with the Pipedrive and Predictable Revenue teams. The goal of the course is to accelerate your journey on the road to becoming a full stack sales professional. In todays sales environment the topsales reps are tech nerds and sales nerds. These top performing sales reps understand the sales technology but also understand the best-in-class sales frameworks.This course is designed for:Current Pipedrive usersFuture Pipedrive usersPredictable Revenue fansSales NerdsSales RookiesI made this course. My name is Matt Smith. I used Pipedrive and the Predictable Revenue methodologies to help my startup go from $0 to $30M/YR in sales in just a few years. Aaron Ross is both a friend and a mentor. Now I advise companies like Sales Hacker and Tangaon their sales systems and revenue generation activities.The course is broken down into 4 central components.PipedriveHow does Pipedrive work?What are the best practices?How should I use Pipedrive if I run a Predictable Revenue team?How should I use Pipedrive if I am a 1-man sales team?How do I combine sales hacking activities like lead scraping with Pipedrive?What 3rd party apps work well with Pipedrive?What data should I be looking at in Pipedrive to monitor my sales metrics?Since this course was built in coordination with the team at Pipedrive we have all the newest official Pipedrive training videos in the course as well. This means you are getting the absolute best Pipedrive training possible right from the Pipedrive team themselves as well as myself.Predictable RevenueWhat is Predictable Revenue?What are the Predictable Revenue metrics I should be monitoring?What are the central Predictable Revenue teachings?What type of emails should I be using when executing a Predictable Revenue system?What key terms used in Predictable Revenue can use to sound smart? :)Lead GenerationHow do I scrape for leads?Where should I be scraping?How do I find emails for Free?What 3rd party tools can I use for lead generation?How do I get more leads?What are good metrics around leads?Sales HackingWhat are todays sales hackers in the trenches doing that I am not?What type of outreach cadence should I be using to connect with my prospects?What are the key sales books I should read? What are the general ideas found in these books?How do I manage my pipeline?What are the key metrics I should be using?How do I manage a sales team?Explode your qualified leads.Close a ton deals.Build a sales machine.Join the new era of sales.And let me know how I can help.Cheers,Matt