Great course with actionable, specific advice that inspires confidence. If this course helps me be half as confident as the instructor, I’ll look like a hero!” -Frank Visciano, Head of Marketplace Content + Operations, Udemy”Alexa has a dynamic style that will light you up!” – Ron PriceSquash overwhelm. Kick procrastination to the curb. Never risk winging it again. Yes, you can nail your next presentation by wowing your audience with effortless ease. When you take the time to prepare, with the right tools, you will rock your next talk. I can show you how.Hi!My name is Alexa Fischer and I’m a best-selling Udemy instructor for over 6 years. As an expert in the areas of manifesting personal power and mastering interpersonal connection, my work helps people tap into, and light up their utmost potential.Having a fabulous presentation is about understanding your audience, creating engaging content, and polishing your delivery so you can release your inhibitions and allow your incredible energy to shine. And best of all, when you become a confident, charismatic speaker, you influence others.In this course, I outline everything you need to get prepared once and for all.Through action-oriented, specific (yet inspirational!) videos, you will learn:success strategies to map out your schedule so you stay on tracktools to overcome self doubt so you can build your confidencestrategies to create your contentskills to become a great storytellertricks to remember what you want to stay instead of reading from a boring scriptperformance techniques to help you stay grounded and calmdynamic body language and vocal skills to radiate confidencemethods to connect with your audience right from the startWhen you are prepared, you give yourself the freedom to enjoy the moment. When you are connected to your love of the subject matter, you radiate great energy. When you speak with confidence and ease, your audience feels it. They appreciate it. And they remember you.Its time to unlock your light so you can share your message brilliantly. I can’t wait to work with you.