Are you looking for a way to turn your contacts into profitable relationships? Do you want to boost your career and business by improving your networking skills? Then you are at the right place! In this E-Learning, you will get to know the 6 steps of Business Connecting. You will learn the principles of making yourself and your business more visible and attract relevant contacts. This e-learning is your gateway to modern, authentic networking.Business & ConnectingBusiness: the conversion of relevant contacts into profitable relationshipsConnecting: the human connection before a business connectionWhy now?Business Connecting is important now because of:1. Technological unemployment and end of lifetime jobs2. Online visibility through global connecting & sharing possibilities3. Questionable sustainability of online mass advertisementWhat you’ll get6 Weeks e-learning  expected time investment 2-4 hours weekly 6 Videos with informative, personal stories 6 Videos about common networking strugglesEssential insights into professional networkingStep-by-step in-depth journey through the 6 steps of Business Connecting Many practical tools that will help you to increase your visibilityHands-on exercises for each stepEasy-to-use templates A motivational Business Connecting e-learning plan 100% Self-study materialA Business Connecting e-learning certificateGet a sneak previewGet the e-book ‘Make Them Know You’ on the Floorish website to get insights into the basics of the 6 steps of Business Connecting.The 6 steps of Business ConnectingStep 1: You Discover your networking style We will look at your natural networking style, way of communicating and social media use. This step is about you!Step 2: Your Story  Create your authentic brand story We will dive into the story behind your expertise and your business until we find the purpose, cause or belief which is the foundation of your authentic brand story.Step 3: Audience  Reach and engage with your target audience We are going to check out different informational resources of your target audience and with the help of creating personas find the best ways to address them in order to find previously undetected opportunities.Step 4: Contacts Build a quality network of relevant contacts We are going to look at your first, second and third degree contacts. The focus will be on discovering the ones that are relevant for what you want to achieve. You will learn how you can tap into the power of your network.Step 5: Online Visibility Increase your visibility with suitable online marketing materialThere are many online platforms where you can introduce yourself. The question is where and how do you want to position yourself.  You will get to know and work with the best, free, easy-to-use tools for making visuals, videos and more in order to start, maintain and grow your audience and you will work on an online visibility plan.Step 6: Offline Visibility Connect authentically at events and while presentingYou can go to networking events to talk about your expertise or business or decide to organise an event yourself. This step we will go through the essentials of in-person networking, unforgettable presentations and conscious event organising.Endorsements”The e-learning gave me a structured way of approaching something Im normally shy to do connecting with others in the business world in a way that made me feel like I could do it confidently and have fun! Sarika Sinha, recruiter Fraugster “In the e-learning, I have found a broad foundation of tools helping me to understand networking and communication better. Ludwig Reinmiedl, freelance software developer”The e-learning is a great way to discover and train the different interrelated aspects that are part of presenting oneself and ones business to both online and offline audiences. It offers many different tools: from realizing your own strengths (and weaknesses) to engaging with targeted audiences. Doreen Huschek, researcher University Potsdam