There are several option and financial courses out there. Most of them promise to teach you a set of strategies that can deliver huge profits with limited risk. The fact is, most retail option traders actually lose money. Sure enough, they might have a couple of successful trades at the beginning. But sooner or later, the odds play out, and poor trading techniques cause a cascade of errors. The goal of this course is teach you the way professionals play. They don't lose money, they make a consistent profit. The profits might not be a 700% return on one trade, but rather, a daily 1% return in many. When you add the numbers up, you will see that the smart, patient trader actually wins the race at the end of the year.The course will not be delving into non-essential information. You do not need to know about complex strategies that have very poor success records, or delve into excessive mathematics or chart reading. We have backtested years of financial data to show which strategies actually, consistently, work. This is not our opinion, it is what the statistics show. As a result, we will only focus on the top most statistically successful strategies, and will teach you when to use which, depending on the market conditions and your personal trading profile.At the end of this course, not only will you have solid knowledge about options trading, but you will have the benefit of knowing what works and what doesn't. You will know how to take advantage of volatility, the implied mathematical probabilities, and the time to expiration. Oh, and you most probably be able to get back the money you invested in this course in one trade.What makes this course stand out from the rest?We only focus on the strategies that statistically work. We have backtested years of financial data to come up with this listWe focus on teaching, not on selling subscriptions or garnering commissions from trades. As a result, we do not promise unrealistic exceptional returns or waste time discussing once-in-a-lifetime lucky guessesWe go beyond directional strategies, to focus on how to make money even if the market moves against you, by taking advantage of time and volatilityWe explain how you can start making money right away, and give you the techniques you need to be successful from the get-go.