Professional Qualification Hot Stone Massage Therapy



IntroductionAncient cultures found value in heating volcanic basalt stone and applying them to the body in order to relieve aches and pains, to soothe and ease and bring comfort.  From this basis stone massage developed and has now become a world wide therapy most often provided in spas and retreats.  This is a decadent therapy, a therapy that indulges the mind, body and soul and the basalt stones provide a grounding energy, they help to clear the chakras of any negativity and restore balanced to the brain, body, being.  This manual is offered to the reader who is a student of holistic therapy and who is taking study in this modality.  Professional Qualification Diploma in Hot stone massage therapy provides a fully comprehensive course of study.  Upon successful completion of course criteria (below) students can apply for a professional diploma and access to professional membership group (international membership) and professional practitioner indemnity insurance (UK and EU member states at present time).Topics covered:Introduction to your training providerProfessional standardsAnatomy and physiologyMassage techniquesMassage mediumsHistory of therapyEquipment and treatment areaHealth, safety and consultation etcDemonstrations of hot stone massageLearn about case studies and practice theseCase study – to receive a professional qualification students are required to conduct 6 case studies = 6 clients receive 6 treatments each = 36 hours practical experience.To receive your professional qualification the following requirements must be met:Completion of the hot stone back massage course (evidence of remaining enrolled onto this course is required)Completion of the professional body massage course (evidence of qualification from this course and remaining enrolled onto this course is required – no exceptions).A copy of your Udemy certificate (we check our register to ensure students remain enrolled onto their course)Submission of 6 case studies (outlined above)Completion and submission of coursework assignments that are assessedFinal examEach course is currently being updated to reflect this new information.Enrol onto this course today… I look forward to seeing you on the other side…