This course is for any WordPress user or web developer who would like to learn how to create powerful WordPress themes and add development skills to their resume.If you already have basic WordPress skills and wanted to know how themes are developed, then this is the perfect course for you. This course will super-size your WP skills and make you a powerful theme developer.Become a confident WordPress theme developer and learn real WordPress theme coding here! This course contains no outside links to coding sites. All the code you need to learn is in this course. The instructor uses this code with every WordPress theme and has built over 300 WordPress themes for clients and employers.BONUS: FREE CODE TO FULLY FUNCTIONAL 2 WORDPRESS THEMES: All students get two themes to customize with the code from this course:1. plain vanilla WordPress theme 2. Twitter Bootstrap WordPress theme This course delves more into these theme development concepts with all the code you need to download and make it your own:Creating your own template tags and calling them in your theme PHP filesShortcodesPage TemplatesDisplaying custom field data in your templatesChild themesAdding Theme Support including custom headers, backgrounds, post formats, HTML title tags and moreDeveloping your own template tagsCreating your own API hooks and calling them in any PHP file of your theme.Registering and calling dynamic sidebarsDetailed menus and their menu locationsThe 2 WordPress Theme APIs: The “Customizer” (Theme Customization API) and the Theme Modification APIAn entire section of lectures showing how to display posts and pages of various combinations.This course offers an entire section teaching how to displaying posts and pages in any combination including, but not limited to:post status (published, private, revision, etc)by authorpassword protectedby custom post typeby a specific modified or published datelist of featured images from postscutting off the list of posts and pages by a certain numberDisplaying posts and pages in a specific order by any fieldBonus Lectures With ExamplesI offer code samples from popular post lists including:latest blog postsmost recent pagestoday’s postsrandom lists of postsposts and pages by all authorsposts and pages by a specific post typeMaterials in this Course:This course includes videos with example code as well as additional code files to download the code so students can concentrate using the code in their WordPress theme files, but the videos will show how to modify the code to create the final WordPress website.Course Structure:This course offers videos with the instructor explaining how to use and change the code as needed.