Hello and welcome!Thank you for the interest in new reading instrument trading skills, this course is created in late October 2015! This course will not give you the fish, but the fishing rod! Binary options are relatively new and fancy financial instrument, comparing to stock market trading, commodity futures or Forex market. But binary options have many advantages over traditional trading: Trader can start with just $10 USD as initial account size!Trader wins, if asset goes just 1 pip, 1 step toward expected side – up or down in a previously chosen time period (about several minutes).All you need to close profitable trade to forecast the asset price move in a short time period.Trader cannot lose more, than initial bet!Trade length is always limited by trader – just a few minutesNo need to sit whole day beneath the monitor!Trade almost any market, available for trading currency pairs (Forex), stock indexes and commodities!Trade the markets, active in your own time zone. 24 hours, 5 out of 7 days of a week. Join the course to get into basics of binary options, broker selection criteria and possession of profitable binary option trading approach! Step-by-step I’ll take you through the binary options matter, all required free software and market analyses technique to get 80-90% trades with positive result. Real trading deals, finding the right trading set-up and proper market moment is completely described in section 4. This course comes as a risk-free opportunity, as Udemy provides 30 days money-back guarantee, no question asked! Ill see you in there! Cheers, Alex.P.S. Check my other 3 option courses, related to this one!