In this course you will follow the development of a complete project from the ground up. It explains how to use design and code a WPF program in Visual Studio. You will end up with a utility that plays audio and video, controls playback volume, balance, position and speed.In this course you will develop programs that do all the following:Play video and audio filesLoad single media files or entire folders of filesDrag-and-drop files direct from the Windows ExplorerCreate named playlists that can be saved and loaded to and from diskChange the volume, position, speed and balance of a playing trackUse styles and effects to change the user interface appearanceUse Timers to respond to tick eventsUse file dialogs to save and load filesRead and write structured XML files to and from diskCreate applications with multiple windowsUse Windows Shell functions to obtain file metadataThis is a project-based course that comes with all the source code ready-to-run. It provides a great way for C# programmer to move beyond the basics to explore the development of more complex C# applications using the WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).